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Thread: Combat Arms: Classic Review

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    Combat Arms: Classic Review

    Welp yeah,

    I saw that you Guys are offering a CA Cheat too and I was like "No way, finally", and couldn't wait to test it, so I decided to download this crap of a Game again and test it for the fun.
    First of all I have to say, its Combat Arms, its a simple Engine and its more simple to create a Cheat for this crap of a Game than like Destiny, EFT, etc.
    - Aimbot: works great, it's doing what it should do.
    - Bone Scan: also works great, nothing to complain.
    - Aim Key: works.
    - Aim Bone: works.
    - Smoothing: works.
    - FOV: Yeah Field of View of the Aimbot (Between 15 - 180) works.
    Everything works so far.
    - ESP: works.
    - Enemy only: I like that a lot, I dont need the useless ESP for my team.
    - 2D Box: works.
    - 3D Box works, but I dont use it cuz it's to much for me.
    - Health: you can choose between a Healthbar or Numbers to see Enemies Health. Works.
    - Items/Explosives: let you see enemies Explosives. Works.
    - Skeleton: works.
    Still nothing to complain.
    - No Recoil: works.
    - No Spread: let you shoot in the middle of the crosshair constantly. works.
    - Unlimited Activation Distance: let you open doors, pick up weapons and interact with things over the whole map. Works.
    - No Sway: Removes the annoying sway of the Weapons if you zoom. Works.
    - Instant Zoom: Maybe it's just me, but I cant see much changes, cuz you already zoom instantly in this Game ^^. Works.
    - Rapid Fire: you can also rapid fire with a bolt action sniper, FANTASTIC. Works.
    Still everythings fine.
    - Invisible Mode: I think it works, cuz it removes my Hands. (Has to be set befor you join a Game)
    - Ghost Mode: let your soul out of your body ^^. Works.
    - Telekill: One of the best features. Works.
    - HP Hack: Gives you 680 HP. Works. (Has to be set befor you join a Game)
    - Unlock Full Kick List: Awesome. Works.
    - Solo Match Start Permission: Mhmm maybe I do it wrong or it does not work. Still get the message I can't start a game alone.
    - Cosmetic Hack: works. (Has to be set befor you join a Game)
    - Character Hack: works. (Has to be set befor you join a Game)
    - Show Character & Cosmetic IDs: works:
    - Speed Hack w/Slider: works.
    - Choose hotkey for ghost mode, rapid fire, and telekill: works.
    - Glitch Keys: also works.

    Yeah, its almost a fully perfect hack. What I'm missing, is the fly hack. It would be a great feature. Sometimes I can see other players flying around.
    Personally I'm very happy with this Cheat. Props to the Guys who made this Cheat. I really appreciate your Work.

    Rating: 9/10
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    Thanks for the honest review sir, im glad you're enjoying the cheat!

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