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Thread: Crossfire West review 1 Year

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    Crossfire West review 1 Year

    Good evening everyone. I hope everyone is doing well during the pandemic and you and your families are well!

    I have been a loyal member of Aimjunkies since 2019 and only buy my Crossfire West cheat from Aimjunkies. Unfortunately the cheat has been under update for a long time, but I can only recommend this cheat for Crossfire. The cheat works wonderfully and also works in ghost mode and other modes that shouldn't work according to the CF information. I haven't been banned until now and I've been using the cheat for more than 1 year on 2 different accounts.

    I can promise you so much, I have Aimjunkies who have been using a 14VIP account for months and have not been banned or anything, that is 1,000+ euros that I "risked". Aimjunkies bypass is too strong for Crossfire West.

    Anyone who plays active Crossfire and just wants to hit a little more headshots, buy the CHEAT! Unfortunately, the updates take a long time, especially at Crossfire West, and you sometimes have to wait months. But AImjunkiesstaff react quickly to updates, so far as I know, nobody has been banned who handles the cheat appropriately! Just be patient!


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    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the delay in the update. Developer released updates are very dynamic and we refuse to release a cheat that has not been tested by our staff to make sure the cheat is safe for our customers to use. We appreciate your patience!
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