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Thread: Delicious zombies (L4D2)

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    Delicious zombies (L4D2)

    Just got into cheating and I have to say, the l4d2 cheat is insanely effective. Good esp that shows infected in their ghost forms, and an excellent aimbot that tends to target SI and often headshots them instantly. Aimbot even has the potential to one shot SI when they are behind you so the chances of being sneaked up on is slightly reduced, example when a smoker sticks his head out to snag you with its tongue but you can just shoot a couple of bullets and he's dead. It really increases the fun of the game.

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    Glad you are enjoying the cheat sir, feel free to reach us via livechat if you ever have any questions.

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    Delicious zombies (L4D2)
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    Thank you for the feedback/review. We are glad you are enjoying the cheat!
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