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Thread: Destiny 2 review

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    Destiny 2 review

    Finally deciding to make a review, and it's on the newer release of Destiny 2, I was hyped to finally try.

    As you all know it was just recently release, not many features but otherwise works as well as intended to, tried out both esp and the aimbot, the aimbot works well though locks on to anyone who is at the range of your FOV, depending how big or small it is. Friendly or foe it locks on to both so be wary of your allies positioning when aiming for an enemy, teleporting is iffy as it takes sometime to be activated but it works! OPK i have not tried yet but will when i get the time.

    Overall the cheat works as intended, as it is still new the features are limited and some tweaking, though i fairly enjoyed and would recommend it though be wary it might get updated and will be off the purchasing list, so get it and enjoy it while its here!

    Please be aware I'm not a staff member so if it does or doesn't is just an assumption, please enjoy hacking and supporting aimjunkies, their products are worth it for the large variety they offer us!

    Merry christmas and happy new year to all! <3

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    It's not going to be taken down.

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    Thank you for the review. The cheat is in its early stages so you can expect some changes and features to be added (or removed if needed) in the future. Have fun with it!
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