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Thread: Destiny 2 Review

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    Exclamation Destiny 2 Review

    Welp yeah,

    I was finally happy to find a cheat for Destiny 2. I have to say, it's a simple one.
    ESP for NPC's and Player's works great.
    The Aimbot is kinda meh. I mean, the Aimbot does work, but its not a good one I have to say. Sometimes the Aimbot does not lock on an Enemy and if someone on the own team runs infront of you, it locks into the teammate. When the Player is moving to fast, the Aimbot can't keep up with the player.
    OPK with NPC's does work, but if you let go the key, they will disappear to their old spawn I think.
    Teleport didn't work I think, I pressed the key for it and nothing happened.

    Maybe I did something wrong for a few things, but for now, I give a 6/10.

    But still, I appreciate all of your Guys work, keep it up!

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    Thanks for the review sir!

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