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Thread: EFT VIP package review

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    EFT VIP package review

    so I initially started off a couple months ago using the ESP only package, which was good. alot of customization on the interface, if you dont want to see skeletons and such you can turn those on/off at ease. I personally play with just the boxes to keep the clutter to a minimum.

    However this month i decided to step it up and buy the VIP package which includes the aimbot, speed hack, no recoil / no sway, auto - unlock and unlimited sprint. (which is amazing by the way) I havent bothered using speed hack or auto unlock as those features seem to get people instantly flagged and banned, but besides that ive had no trouble using the cheat. there is ONE really annoying issue that i hope gets fixed with the aimbot, and that is the fact that glass and chain link fences seem to 'block' the aimbot. I dont know if this is an inherent issue with how the cheat was designed, but its something I'd really like to see get fixed in the next update for the VIP package.

    all in all its a really solid cheat and has made me a ton of money farming. would definitely recommend, just stay away from the high risk features like speedhack and auto-unlock unless you want to get banned pretty quickly.

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    Glad you have been enjoying the EFT cheat sir.

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