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Thread: Escape From Tarkov Review

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    Escape From Tarkov Review

    -Option for ESP only.
    -Aimbot works and functions fully.
    -Able to see inside containers.
    -Able to filter items so you can reduce clutter. (Say you're only looking for bitcoin, you can do that.)
    -No recoil and no sway.
    -Super speed and keybinding for it.
    -All ESPs have a keybind option including the view internals of containers.
    -Easy to manage.
    -Sticky aim for aimbot.
    -Smoothing for aimbot.
    -Unlock all doors.
    -Able to loot anywhere.

    -Aimbot does not adjust for distance or zeroing for targets on any weapon. Meaning shots passed 70m for most guns will lose accuracy.
    -Personally feel the unlock all doors should be keybound.
    -Deeply wish there was a bone scan for the esp instead of being able to only aim at the head, neck, chest and stomach. Especially since these are the most armored spots on people.
    -Loot anywhere doesn't seem to work, and when it does it fails to accurately grab the item(s) desired. As well it has a tendency to keep you examining an item or trying to open something and never follow through with such.
    -While you can filter out items with the Custom list, you can't specifically find certain things due to them being in Russian. So finding Rouble, Dollars, and Euro all of which use russian letters, you can't filter to these items. Just one example of many.
    -Aimbot has no filter, so there's no friendly that can be added to a "do not aim" list. Everyone is fair game.
    -Using speed hack can actually kill you, be it from falling or be it that you've been shot and have no medical supplies you can bleed out FASTER and die.
    -Deeply wish the ESP custom filter list was more user friendly. "item_barter_value_bitcoin" can't type that whole thing out, just type "bit" and pray it spawned on your map and ta-da.
    -Personally wish the ESP custom filter list had another custom list, this way you could say have one for valuable supplies like drinks and medicals and the other for high value items.
    -Personally wish the item list was able to be saved, exit the game and lose all your progress... And there are some items you so never want to try to find again again like lab keys, rolex, defibrillators, and so on.

    Overall I can't say anything really bad about it, pretty standard for AimJunkies. They're able, and dependable, and the best part, trustworthy. Too many frauds out there, and even more that just do not care about their customers. I've never felt that way with AimJunkies even once. Been here for years too.
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