First and foremost, to get it out of the way - AJ's Fallout 76 cheats will not provide you with OPK, teleportation into dev cells, item spawning/editing etc. These types of cheats are extremely easy to get caught doing and should only be attempted by experienced cheaters willing to take a ban.

What AJ provides however, is an enhanced experience of FO76. The way it is supposed to be played by all of us who played Bethesda games on PC and perhaps got a little too used to the console

I'll start with the easier features, then breakdown the more complex ones.

No Recoil and No Spread - As they sound. The former removes the need to correct your aim when firing a gun, the latter removes all bullet spread causing your bullets to travel in a straight line. No Spread is very obvious to other players with certain guns, though No Recoil can be used and pretending as if you're controlling the recoil is very easy to pull off.
You can also bind NoClip to a key of your choice, though this feature stops working when entering or exiting power armour (can be re-enabled by simply entering a building or other such place that causes a load screen)
My favourite features are No AP and No Overencumbed, I will say though that the No AP only applies for sprinting and not VATS, but you don't need VATS when you have an aimbot, so it works out, speaking of;

The aimbot is very fluid. It can become a bit of an issue with long range sniping, but that's a consequence of how the current Creation Engine deals with sniping, i.e, wonky as ****. With any other weapon, it's perfect. Easily customised to your preferences.

The ESP is the real magic however. With the ability to filter any items you want, finding literally anything becomes a matter of just being in the general area and looking around.
The ESP also comes with bone visuals, so you can see perfectly what your enemy is doing behind walls, giving you a greater understanding of what play to make.

Both the ESP and aimbot function together very well with no reported bugs I can think to mention.

Whether you're in Adventure or Nuclear Winter, with the AJ treatment, you'll find yourself with a good advantage, but also the skills to better learn how to properly fight if that's the skill you're lacking in. You can very much use this as a learning tool for Nuclear Winter specifically - Learning where crates and items spawn, what routes more experienced players take etc. knowledge you will carry over if you ever decide to stop using this.

Whether it's hunting for that rare item, zooming through nuclear silos with NoClip, or getting an advantage in the BR mode, this is the place to get it.