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Thread: garrys mod

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    garrys mod

    I think the ESP is really good. Sometimes it glitches out if the map is very big and it freezes the esp on the screen making it confusing to find peole.
    I think being able to deselect certain entities would be useful so we can know where printers are easier. I think this hack suffices what I need but when it comes down to the aimbot, I don't even want to use it. There are no aimbot smoothing settings and no FOV circle so I ended up 180 snapping onto people on accident. During a raid, I literally 180 snapped because someone walked in the door right when I was going to shoot someone. I think if the aimbot had FOV circle, I'd use it often.

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    Thanks for the feedback. There is a Wishlist thread in the forum for each cheat.. I would make a post and suggest the addition of the FOV circle.
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