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Thread: GTFO cheat review 9.5/10

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    GTFO cheat review 9.5/10

    Got this cheat a couple days ago and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    The aimbot and ESP and the other abundant features are working great!

    The only small issue I encountered with the aimbot is that it would sometimes automatically randomly aim at the wall and I would have to press f9 to refix the camera and everything would work fine again.

    This doesn't happen too often, so its not a deal breaker.

    The customization's especially the colors for the enemy AI and players is really neat, I noticed a couple minor bugs with the colors not working in some games especially for the player visible and npc visible colors but overall I would highly recommend people get this if their looking for a reliable cheat that works every single time.

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    GTFO cheat review 9.5/10 DingDing's Avatar
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    Thank you for the honest review Sir. Good to see that you are enjoying the cheat!
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    Glad you are enjoying the cheat sir. The F9 issue is just because of how the games camera system works for some reason. That's why the coder added a hotkey to correct it when the game bugs out.

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