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Thread: Meh, my opinion on Aimjunkies [not that it matters]

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    Post Meh, my opinion on Aimjunkies [not that it matters]

    So far its been a month on this site and i gotta say, by far this is the best cheat site i have stumbled up to, great fkn support, someone's always online if you need help, and i love it most how there is a teamspeak for help & also teamviewer for further help!
    Now with the new cheat loader, it looks AHHHHHmaizinggg since the game i play, if you get hackusated in tourneys its an automatic teamviwer to run through your system and since its not just called "loader" now i can stay under the radar.
    i just wanted to say thanks to the staff that helped me on TS with my noob questions after re-installing windows, i would have never gotten such superior help on the old cheat website i used to use.

    Not sure if this is the right section

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    Thank you very much for your kind words We appreciate it!

    "When i get sad I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead."
    -True Story

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    Thank you for your kind words, happy to have you as a VIP.

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    Meh, my opinion on Aimjunkies [not that it matters]
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    i moved your thread to the User reviews section for you. We the staff of Aimjunkies were customers at the "other" cheat sites also. This is why Aimjunkies was created it is so there would be a place that actually cared about the customers and not the $. Sure there are some who would disagree from time to time. Mostly in anger of a detection or an outright azzclown, and trust me there's plenty of them out there. But in the bigger picture i think the owners vision of this site is being represented well by us the staff here. And enjoyed by you the customer.

    Thank you for the kind words


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