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Thread: Mordhau Cheat Review/testimonial

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    Mordhau Cheat Review/testimonial
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    Mordhau Cheat Review/testimonial

    Hi, played for a while with the cheat now: right into it.

    works as intended, no problems at all. Thing is, ESP isn't really that helpful in mordhau. But it works with 0 problems.

    Now.. well, this one.
    No prediction so bow/crossbow is meh.
    It is bugged on third-person, you have to use first-person.

    Other then that, for melee, it's pretty good. Put it on a key and toggle it every now and then to perfect angle your hit. (Or hold it)
    It works well in these scenarios, and a good accurate/fast update rate. Not perfect though.

    The important one....
    the thing you're actually paying for.

    Auto-block and auto-block kick.

    Auto-block IS fairly good. It has some serious problems with really good players that switch angles at a crazy rate, but still does okay.
    Other then these types of players, it's seriously good. REALLY good rate of successful blocks.

    auto-block kick is fairly good as well. Barely ever misses.

    All in all, it's 100% worth the price. No doubt.
    On a last note, not to be greedy but would love to see even further improvements on auto-block and/or a new mordhau misc feature.

    Also 0 problems downloading/installing/injecting the cheat from the moment i purchased it.
    Cheat is worth the price already.

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    Mordhau Cheat Review/testimonial SSJason's Avatar
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    Glad you are enjoying the cheat. More improvements to come.

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