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Thread: Mordhau hack review version date [ 05.27.2019]

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    Mordhau hack review version date [ 05.27.2019]

    Review will be updated after patch and testing.

    Overall:7 / 10
    Aimbot:5 / 10
    Visual:[U8 / 10[/U]
    Blocksysten:7 / 10

    -The Aimbot need a choice about aim to target.
    - aim at nearst enemy by distance
    -wallhack need a 3D module
    Autoblocking need to check the attacks
    - teamatack need be disabled its unpossible to attack
    the enemy in a sandwich situation

    Overall the hack works well and it's enjoying to with with it with a litel bit of training you always will win a 1vs1 situation.

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    Mordhau hack review version date [ 05.27.2019] rEy's Avatar
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    thanks for the feedback.

    You need help?

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