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Thread: Rage mode op!

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    Rage mode op!

    I have my doubts to be honest about the Black light retribution hacks, and many questions were asked. At first i wanted AVA hacks, but BLR seems to have more kiddies to rage on and i feel like actually making them QQ every game.

    After my purchase the setup was quick and full of common sense. As long as you have a brain you can figure it out how to inject.

    Though the Alt Tab problem is annoying its still playable.

    Hacks = Aimbot is AMAZING. in a Hardsuit 20mins ago in a CTF game, i went 78 - 3. After my Third death i spawn a suit, and i never died again.

    Radar and Esp is amazing Unique and functions well. Unlimited Reload sometimes glitches my ammo so i does not do damage but that can be fixed by shooting once and reload.


    It would've been 10/10 if the Alt-Tab is being fix soon.

    Im considering for Forum Mod considering i have alot of time after classes. Thanks for these great hacks AJ!!! and SystemFiles!!

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    Rage mode op!
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    Thank you for the review and hope you stay with us for a long time. I wish you good luck in joining our team if you decide to do so.
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    Rage mode op!
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    Thanks for the great review and I too wish you the best of luck in joining our team here at AimJunkies!

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    bronies palace :D
    Thank you we love hearing feed back and i would have to agree BLR is so much fun

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