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Thread: RDR2 BoT Review

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    RDR2 BoT Review

    Hello all,

    After more than a month of using the RDR2 bot to its full extent, I can definitely say it's the best one out there.

    Setup is super easy, nothing convoluted involved. I haven't had crashes or issues when using this and I know that most of the crashes come from the RDR client itself more than anything.

    The features are amazing and work perfectly. It's got everything that is needed, including the animal names and that's AMAZING! For this game being able to see animal spawns is fundamental and I can't imagine logging in without this any more!

    The misc options are a much-welcomed element as well. I'm careful when using them, though, as being shot at with god mode on or using super jumping around other players is a sure way to get reported and banned . But, since you have the ESP, it's easy to see when you can use these or not.

    Honestly, this is the best bot out there and the only one you'll ever need. The AJ support staff is second to none and will happily help with any and all questions you might have. I can't recommend it enough.


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    Thank you for your feedback and review!
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