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Thread: Red Dead Redemption 2

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    Red Dead Redemption 2
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I've been using this cheat for around 20+ hours quite liberally, mostly in free roam but quite a few deathmatch games as well.

    The aimbot has 3 settings head, body, and lower body. In free roam I usually use the head setting, while in deathmatch PVP I use the body target. Especially since the rolling block rifle one shots without a headshot.

    The visuals are very useful for pretty much everything. For example when doing bounty hunter missions in which you have to search for your target using dead eye, inspecting random clues, and following tracks you can instead pretty easily spot your target through the terrain.
    Not to mention the usefulness of finding animals and fish in the wilds. (Although the name setting is essentially useless for NPCs and animals from what I saw)

    Haven't really used the radar or any of the new misc options but even without them this cheat was well worth the price I paid for it. Made the game incredibly convenient and probably sped up the level grinding by a lot.

    tldr; cheat good, all works. you can only get banned with it is if you're actively trying to.

    Edit: after testing out the name function I discovered that it actually does properly name the animals but only after you see them.
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    Feedback is always appreciated sir. Thank you.

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    Good review and accurate as well. Thank you!
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    Glad to hear that you are enjoying our cheats sir and thanks for the honest review!

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