So, i bought this hack expecting a lot lot more.
There are so weak features.

First of all, why someone need a RADAR in a game that you can see all your enemys?
Why someone need a CROSSHAIR in a game like shellshock live? Bruh, really?

The unique function that is decente is the Trajectory, that works well, but also, doesn't do anything as a free aim ruler would do.

Where is the wind affect? Where is the Rebounce affect? 7 dollars in so a weak cheat, OMG.

The game don't use any kind anti-cheat, could be made much more, as the coder is a guy with alot of knowledge, maybe a bit more effort on it, to make a good hack of it.

In the suggestion and wishes post, alot of people asked for the same functions, for like 4 mounths ago, and still nothing. SAD and DISAPOINTING.