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Thread: SplitGate 2021 Review

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    SplitGate 2021 Review
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    SplitGate 2021 Review

    Aimbot: 10/10

    Works Properly as Intended, can look very legit with the right settings. Contains visibility checks, smooth aiming, fov setting, and more. It also contains No Recoil if you'd like which works flawlessly.

    Visuals: 9/10

    Working As Intended, They are perfect. My only reason for the 9/10 is due to something that probably cannot be fixed regardless, but it is the fact that the ESP for enemy players only works when seen on screen, and not through a portal view. That is due to the fact that the player model is only one and therefore it can be disorienting when going through a portal and seeing them in a separate spot. That being said, it does as intended and has many customizable features and also the radar hack works great.

    Overall: 10/10

    As for the Skip-Queue it worked most times, sometimes I would get a disconnect error during the skipper and it would simply re-connect me. All in all, worked amazing! Nice hack, I would definitely suggest getting this before the price of the hack goes up. I'm sure it will as this game is going to be extremely popular more so then it is now.

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    SplitGate 2021 Review
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    Glad you enjoyed it, I also had a ton of fun whilst making some videos.
    Aimjunkies Staff

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    SplitGate 2021 Review
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    Strong review.
    In my opinion, Aimjunkies has the best SplitGate cheat there is!

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    SplitGate 2021 Review Jig.Saw's Avatar
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    Thanks for the kind words. We hope you continue to enjoy our products !
    -AimJunkies Staff

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