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Thread: Star Wars : Battlefront II Second Report : New Problems

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    Star Wars : Battlefront II Second Report : New Problems
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    Star Wars : Battlefront II Second Report : New Problems

    Hello everyone A week has passed since my last review of the cheat on Battlefront II. Here I write the second one. I would like to note that the coders quickly responded to the problem of the white screen, as well as a bug when the player began to look at the bottom when using some abilities, for this huge respect. But, recently, new problems have started that were not there before. The most serious (for me personally) - "no recoil" and "no spread" no longer work, completely. Just one day I visit include cheat and go to network, there is a notice that appeared in the return, going to see alone and also, rebooted the game, wrote to the seller from whom I bought Said that fixed. As a result, today I see that the functions are not working yet. The second problem to replace the White Screen came strange crashes(Perhaps this is due to my PC, so if you are a cheater on Battlefront II and you have the same problem, write in the comments) crashes do not always occur. Sometimes you can play 3-4 matches in a row without them, and sometimes it is impossible even to play for 5 minutes as soon as the game collapses. I hope this will be fixed, and so in general, the cheat after the first fixes is not bad.

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    Hi, I forwarded this to the coder. Exp about the No recoil no spread thank you
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