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Thread: State Of Decay 2 & Borderlands 3 & Little bit Destiny 2

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    State Of Decay 2 & Borderlands 3 & Little bit Destiny 2

    I recently got the "Aim Junkie Overdose Premium VIP Package" and damn I'm happy with it.

    I don't leave a lot of reviews but these two cheats caught my attention and I felt I need to leave some feedback because "give credit where credit is due" (I tried a ton of the other cheats Destiny 2, World War Z, Dead Frontier, Borderlands 2, Killing Floor 2 and Warframe, all if them is awesome as well).

    I'm not sure if it's the same coder that made those two cheats (BL3 and SOD 2) or if it's the new AJ "style" but I love the layout and feel of the cheat itself, so props to whomever and I would love to see the older cheats with this layout and feel, the aimbot is so damn nice and the way the ESP is drawn is so clean.

    I see a few people complaining that their games are crashing etc and yes I have had that happened BUT if you go to the "Cheat Information & Support" thread relating to your cheat you will see threads that's "stickied" with stuff like "Common Fixes", "How to inject" and a ton of other things, I highly recommend reading that before you use the cheat because all my issues was fixed by just reading those threads, it seems like people use a simple cheat and thinks "Oh that's how you inject all the other cheats, so open the game and inject in the main menu".

    I personally think that some of these "banned" posts are people that are too lazy to read up before they use the cheat. For instance Destiny 2 there's clearly a thread that @SSJason made that says "How To Inject Properly" and people don't read it and gets themselves banned I've used the Destiny 2 cheat for a while without any issues and I'm raging with the aimbot in pvp and pve. (obviously I'm not encouraging to rage but that's my choice)

    For the record AJ team thanks a lot.
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    Thanks for the review, glad you're satisfied with your purchase.

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    Thanks for your feedback and we're glad you like the cheats.
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