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Thread: temtem cheat is awesome

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    Red face temtem cheat is awesome

    since the games launch i looked for things to "improve" gameplay... and the one aimjunkies provides is amazing. it really helps block out the constant BS npc encounters.... that i really dont wanna bother with at the time and just go through the map...

    helps me get from point A to point B without any random encounters..

    i see day by day new things being added to this cheat, only thing im really looking for now is Luma farmer, you have the encounter to stop on certain temtem but not luma variety so hopefully that is next to come!

    all in all the temtem cheat is 10/10 and well worth the $11

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    temtem cheat is awesome Stewie's Avatar
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    Nov 2016
    Thanks for the review. The cheat already can be used as a Luma Farmer, the auto attack/auto run away will stop if you find one no need to turn anything on.

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    its already set to auto stop on a luma???

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    temtem cheat is awesome SSJason's Avatar
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    Yes that has been a feature for a few days sir.

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    temtem cheat is awesome DingDing's Avatar
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    Thank you for the review Sir, good to see positive feedback and that you are enjoying the cheat!!
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