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Thread: Warface - my first week with it.

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    Warface - my first week with it.

    Lets start with ESP, its perfect. We can see everything we want, with any colour we want. Blue claymore, red bomb, green granade.. 10/10 i dont think it can be any better than it is now.

    Radar.. Nothing to say, rlky. Working as it should, i not a fan of this feature, its pointless and making you obvious when you turning to enemy that is behind you without making any sound.. 10/10

    Aim bot.. and here i need to say, that i was disappointed. It works fine when target is stationary, but it missing a lot on targets in move. Aiming at turrets is messed, no bone check option. Overall, i saw better public aimbots than this one. 3/10.

    Overall cheat is good, but could be better. 7/10.

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    Warface - my first week with it. Man-of-Albion's Avatar
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    Hi faust87,
    Thanks for your honest review, i have to agree on all counts, and add, when you are knocked down the aimbot will not lock on. I think the cheat would benefit from a "Auto Melee" option. Neither knife or grenade can be used with aimbot.
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    Good review and yeah you right the aimbot sucks a bit while sliding no headshot but i think thats than looks more legit i mean if u slide and only hs its get a little bit obvious

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