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Thread: Warframe review: disappointing.

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    Warframe review: disappointing.
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    Unhappy Warframe review: disappointing.

    Let me preface this by saying I only used this cheat for a very short time. However, during this time I think I have already realized some major and minor flaws in the cheat. There are some very severe issues which make the cheat not worth the money. I will outline all the issues I found below.
    - = major flaw
    * = minor flaw

    * Aimbot FOV has a maximum of 90.
    - Aimbot mode does not have a "distance" option.
    - Aimbot does not have a visibility check at all, it will almost always shoot at enemies through walls and as a result, fail to hit them.
    * Aimbot does not have an "Auto Fire" feature.
    - Aimbot key in the windowed mode menu produces a weird issue. If you are on the menu and hold down the aim key it will move the mouse out of the game window. As soon as the mouse cursor has left the game window, it will continue to move to a certain point on your computer screen even if you are no longer holding the aim key. You will then have to fight the aimbot (impossible, depending on smooth aimbot value) to try and press your aim key while your mouse cursor is in the game window. This will stop the aimbot from moving the mouse constantly.

    * ESP 2d boxes sometimes appear unreasonably large, even when enemies are normal size and far away.
    * ESP color options can be changed, but painfully so. There is no color picker, or color "slider", it is entering RGB values in order to achieve certain colors.
    * No damage multiplier, this isn't a major issue for me. But I know some people don't like to buy Warframe cheats without this feature.
    * No fire rate changer, again: not a major issue for me.

    What I wanted most out of this warframe cheat, was a good aimbot, and I was perfectly happy to pay the price for the cheat if it had this, but it ended up having a very bad (barely passable) aimbot. This was really disappointing to find out. I understand that Warframe is not a popular title when it comes to cheating. However, this is really unacceptable as even a "distance" aim mode would have improved it significantly and would have been easy to code. It seems that the cheat was never actually given much care or thought at all.

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    Warframe review: disappointing. halcion's Avatar
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    I am sorry to hear the cheat did not live up to your expectations. As a reminder, you can always request features be added to the cheat in the wishlist section.


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    This **** doesn't even have filters for easy play

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    Quote Originally Posted by RitaMargarita View Post
    This **** doesn't even have filters for easy play
    Then sugget a filter here: Wishlist/Buglist/To-do
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