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Thread: World of Tanks Blitz

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    World of Tanks Blitz
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    World of Tanks Blitz

    Fun times with Aimjunkies so far in general, but I have to say this recent addition has been a disappointment. €25 for basically no advantage at all. The only remotely useful thing this hack does is showing you an aimbottable aim dot at the dead center of an enemy tank. Even if it's a klick away and behind (multiple) breakable environment thingies. So in that particular situation, you may score a hit while you otherwise wouldn't. Also the ESP grants you mildly better situational awareness (maybe like 5%).

    This hack doesn't:
    - allow you to see enemies that haven't been spotted
    - draw full ESPs so that you could make out which way their turret is turned, etc.
    - predict movement usefully

    I suppose the aimbot can be useful for very new players who can't aim and drive at the same time, etc. But for me (hundreds of hours of experience), it's more of a hindrance since it aims at centers, which aren't the most useful place to hit most of the time in this game.

    If you really want to cheat, install Bluestacks or Nox on Windows and play against mobile players with a mouse. That'll make you consistently 'imba' if you're any good at all.
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    Player location is controlled by the server. Meaning until the server sends the location they will not show.

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