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Thread: สอบถามเรื่องโอนเวลา Subscribe

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    สอบถามเรื่องโอนเวลา Subscribe

    ถ้า Subscribe อยู่ 2 เกมส์ สามารถถ่ายโอนเวลาที่เหลือของ Subcribe นึงไปอีก Subscribe ได้ไหม
    แล้วมีหลักเกณฑ์ยังไง เอาไปรวมเวลากัน หรือ คิดจากเวลาที่เหลือมากที่สุด หรือ ไม่สามารถทำได้

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    Subscription Change Rules:

    1. Subscription changes are limited to one change per subscription purchase.
    2. Subscriptions can only be changed to another subscription of EQUAL or LESSER value of your current subscription. (At time of purchase)
    3. Changes will not be reversed or changed again.
    4. Time remaining from the previous subscription will be transferred.
    5. The change can only be applied to one subscription. It cannot be broken down for multiple subscriptions.
    6. You cannot change to a multi-cheat package (Overdose or Battlefield Premium packages).
    7. You cannot change a cheat that has 14 days or less remaining on the subscription.
    8. 3 month subscriptions will only be changed to 1 month subscriptions. No Exceptions
    9. You cannot change to a 1 week subscription of any cheat.

    Subscription changes are limited to one time only and can only be changed to another cheat of equal or lesser value of your current subscription which can not be changed again or undone. Full subscription change rules can be found at the top of the Subscription change forum. If that's fine you can make a thread on the forums concerning which cheat you are changing from and to and from there an Administrator will respond back shortly concerning it. You can create the thread here:

    /Closed | Answered
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