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Thread: FIFA 21 FUT Draft Bot - Cheat Information

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    FIFA 21 FUT Draft Bot - Cheat Information

    Game Engine:
    - Frostbite
    Game Version:
    - Latest Version
    - Undetected

    Operating systems:


    US $69.95 - 1 Month


    - Load and forget, stream the bot from loader and start your game, it will navigate to FUT for you and will start the draft process
    - Creates new FUT Online Draft if squad is not complete
    - Works on any round, say you stopped drafting at the 2nd round before, it will continue where you left off
    - Claims draft prize at end of round 4 for you and creates new draft squad
    - Accounts for opponents leaving during duel screen or if opponent doesn't accept, will automatically search for a new opponent
    - Accounts for internet connection loss or if you get kicked out of FUT for some reason, Bot will rejoin FUT and draft again

    Bot Settings
    Have bot stop after certain number of matches are complete

    What this bot CANNOT do:

    - This bot will NOT open packs for you and sell players
    - It will NOT bot offline Draft Mode, it will only bot online draft mode

    Anti Cheat:




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